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Convert Any Website From Light to Dark Mode


First thing first, Add this code in your “html”

<head lang = “en”, data-theme = “light”>





                <div class=”theme-switch-wrapper”>

<label class=”theme-switch for=”checkbox>

<input type=”checkbox” id=”checkbox”/>

<div class=”slider round”></div>


<em>Swtich Theme</em>



Next Create a CSS file and put this code in it

[data-theme=”light”] {

–bg-color: #fff;

–color: #333;

–togglebg: #d4e7d5;

–toggleslider: #fff;

–roundcolor: #fff;

–svgcolor: #111;


[data-theme=”dark”] {

–bg-color: #333333;

–color: #e9dcdc;

–togglebg: #333;

–toggleslider: #e9dcdc;

–roundcolor: #333;

–svgcolor: #fff;


.slider {

background-color: var(–togglebg);

bottom :0;

cursor: pointer;

left: 0;

position: absolute;

right: 0;

top: 0;

transition: 0.4s;


.slider:before {

background-color: var(–roundcolor);

bottom :4px;

content: “”;

height: 26px;

left: 4px;

position: absolute;

transition: 0.4s;

width: 26px;


body {

font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacsystemFont, “Segoe UI”, Roboto, Oxygen-Sans, sans-serif;

line-height: 1.4;

background-color: var(–bg-color);

transition: all 0.5s;


Now create a JS file and put this code in it:

function switchTheme(e) {

if ( {

document.documentElement.setAttribute(‘data-theme’, ‘dark’);

localStorage.setItem(‘theme’, ‘dark’);


else {

document.documentElement.setAttribute(‘data-theme’, ‘light’);

localStorage.setItem(‘theme’, ‘light’);



toggleSwitch.addEventListener(‘change’, switchTheme, false);



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