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About Me:

I recently completed my master’s in Computer Science @Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Sweden. Technology is something that always fascinates me. I love almost everything about computers and electronics or at least I think I do 😋. I’m passionate about mathematics, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Computer vision. I am always ready to have new experiences, meet new people and learn new things. I find the idea of creating value for people and impacting the world through my work gratifying.

✔ I started a Blog back in February 2021 and I write about AI ML projects, software development, entrepreneurship, Tips and tricks in programming, and careers. I currently have about 120 blogs written

✔ I am very interested in AI/ML and it’s amazing to learn about its applications in various fields like crime detection, predicting diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s, use of Big Data to target ads, self-driving cars, creation of unique art and music. I am proficient in Python.

✔ I love to write blogs in my free time and have been posting once in a week without fail, At Least for now.

✔ I enjoy challenges that enable me to grow. I like to find application in what is taught to me and use Feynman and Pomodoro techniques to learn as quickly as possible.

✔ Having lived all around the country and meeting a lot of people, I’m able to adapt to any surroundings or circumstance.

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Phone: +91-7032545477

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