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First thing first, Activate your python environment 

Now, Install fastapi and uvicorn 
         >> pip install fastapi uvicorn 

You should have an ML model file (.pkl, .model, .hd5 etc)

Let us assume that we have a “classifier.pkl” file

Create a file

import uvicorn

from fastapi import FastAPI

from BankNotes import BankNote

import numpy as np

import pickle

import pandas as pd

app = FastAPI()

pickle_in = open(“classifier.pkl”,”rb”)



def index():

    return {‘message’: ‘Hello, World’}


def get_name(name: str):

    return {‘Welcome’: f'{name}’}‘/predict’)

def predict_banknote(data:BankNote):

    data = data.dict()





   # print(classifier.predict([[variance,skewness,curtosis,entropy]]))

    prediction = classifier.predict([[variance,skewness,curtosis,entropy]])


        prediction=”Fake note”


        prediction=”Its a Bank note”

    return {

        ‘prediction’: prediction


#    Will run on

if __name__ == ‘__main__’:, host=’′, port=8000)

Create a file:

from pydantic import BaseModel

# Class which describes Bank Notes measurements

class BankNote(BaseModel):

    variance: float 

    skewness: float 

    curtosis: float 

    entropy: float

Now, In the terminal run the application 

        >>uvicorn main:app –reload

#   This will run on


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