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What is dokku?

Dokku is an open-source platform-as-a-service (PaaS). If you’re familiar with Heroku, you can consider Dokku a private Heroku that you manage. In fact, in the Dokku GitHub repo, it’s called a “Docker powered mini-Heroku.” Dokku installs Docker and then uses it to manage deployments of applications.

You can control Dokku through simple CLI commands or through a web interface using third-party libraries. A DigitalOcean account makes using Dokku even easier. Simply visit the Dokku page in the DigitalOcean marketplace and click the “Create Dokku Droplet” button. Then configure the Droplet you want your Dokku instance to run on and click the “Create Droplet” button. Once your instance is provisioned, you’ll have to configure it.

Visit the IP address or domain of your droplet to set up your Dokku instance. If you don’t want to use the default settings, click the “Finish Setup” button. Setting up Dokku only takes a few seconds, and you’re ready to create your first Dokku application.

Dokku in AWS

  1. Create and login to the amazon web services account
  2. create a EC2 instance and selected ubuntu as a operating system
  3. create and download the keypair
  4. Now successfully, you have created a EC2 instance in AWS.
  5. Lets connect to our sever using ssh client
  6. In AWS dashboard of the instance the ssh credentials are provided using that we can login to the server through terminals
  7. After getting access to the server, first check for the update dn upgrades
sudo apt-get updates && apt-get upgrades

8. Installing Dokku in the server

9. Now we got dokku installed in the server.

10. let’s go ahead and create an app

dokku apps:create demo

11. check whether the app is created or not by

dokku apps:list

12. Now push your code to the github repository which makes the proccess very easy

13. Go to the IP address provided by the AWS, that will redirect to the dokku setup

14. where we have to give the public key and hostname and click on create

15. Now we have dokku ready and the app created in ready

16. we just need to git clone the project to the dokku server

17. finally the project is ready


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