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Step for Budgeting:

1. keep a goal.
2. Figure out your goal.
3. Take 3 months of bank statements. ( i.e Where the money goes and where we can cut the expenses)
4. Break down the expenses.
5. Use the 50/30/20 rule or any other strategies with suit your plan.
6. Include the passive incomes. (if any) 
7. Use apps or sheets or paper to budget.
8. Best use spreadsheets 
9. list all the expenses i.e transportation and  subscriptions and health and groceries and investments and food and taxes and Misc and total expenses 
10. List all the incomes you have i.e job or rent or gains etc 
11. Do this monthly 
12. Entries should be Clearly written i.e restaurants name and price 
13. Substrate the income to the total expenses then that is the savings
14. Remaining money is free so you the use it freely and enjoy your life.



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