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CRUD Operations using MongoDB


      CRUD Operations Cheat Sheet

 Let us understand how can we perform CRUD operations in MongoDB.

  • CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete
  • We can create documents using the InsertOne function.


                                  { “item” : “canvas”,

                                     “qty” : 100,

                                     “tags” : [“cotton”],

                                     “size” : { “h” : 28, “w” : 35.5, “uom” : “cm” }



  • find or findOne can be used the documents from the collection, while find returns all the documents matching condition,findOne returns only first document

                             myCursor = db.inventory.find( { status: “D” } )

  • Update function can be used to update an existing document , if we set upsert as true then the documents will be inserted if it does not exist.
  • We can only perform operations such as $min, $max, $inc, $set etc as part of update. It is not possible to derive data from existing fields and update by using functions such as lower, upper, etc.
  • Following are the functions which can be used to update.  
    • update(same as updateOne)
    • updateMany(updates multiple documents)


                                     { “qty” : { $lt: 50 } }, // specifies the documents to update
                                        $set: { “size.uom” : “cm”, “status”: “P” },
                                        $currentDate : { “lastModified”: true }
    • updateOne


                                             { “item” : “paper” }, // specifies the document to update
                                                 $set: {  “size.uom” : “cm”,  “status” : “P” },
                                                 $currentDate: { “lastModified”: true }
  • Data can be deleted  using functions such as deleteMany, deleteOne ,findOneAndDelete.
  • The following operation deletes the first document with status equal to D:


                                  { “status”: “D” } // specifies the document to delete
  • The following operation deletes all of the documents in the specified inventory collection with status equal to A: 


                                { “status” : “A” } // specifies the documents to delete




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