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The Rich Man In Babylon -George s

 Key points or lessons are taken from this book:-

  1. pay yourself tax
  2. Apart all you earn is yours to keep
  3. Seven cures of the lean purse.
  • for every ten coins, I put in, to spend but nine
  • control the expenditures
  • make the gold multiply (giving someone in need and take an interest)
  • gaud the gold from losses
  • profitable investments
  • insure the future income
  • increases the ability to earn
  1. Good luck can be enticed by opportunity, take advantage of the opportunity.

  2. the five laws of gold

  • put one-tenth of earnings to create an estate for his future
  • gold is labor it works and multiplies
  • gold should be invested under a wise man and will be learned quickly and not jeopardize his gold
  • gold should not be invested in with which he is not familiar with
  • gold flees who would force it to impossible earnings or scammers or desires
  1. better a little caution than a great regret

  2. protection for the gold like savings account for unexpected tragedies

      8. where is the determination is, the way can be found


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