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Figma Plugins



Unsplash is a stock photography website that created a Figma plugin. It allows you to choose beautiful, royalty-free images submitted by the public community.

best figma plugins unsplash


This plugin gives you palette colors that complement whatever design cue your app has. It even has an AI function to generate random color schemes and fine-tune the look of your theme to your satisfaction.

Content Reel:

This plugin helps you pull content (text, icons, avatars) into your design. You can even use it to add randomized data to your design and avoid having to add dummy text anywhere.

Color Contrast Checker:

This is a quick and easy tool to scan all your app layers at once to immediately identify any that do not meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) guidelines. The plugin allows you to click an individual color swatch to see the layer and adjust the lightness of any text on it and the background to get a WCAG passing grade.


This plugin provides roughly 40,000 from which to choose. Third-party icon designers may soon find themselves obsolete because of this plugin!


You generally cannot create in-app animations in Figma, but Figmotion allows you to overcome this shortcoming without having to use a third-party app.

best figma plugins figmotion

Mockuuups Studio:

This plugin offers over 500 scenes to choose from and add to your design with just a few clicks. It can be used for social media, blogs, marketing campaigns, design mockups, and a lot more.

Coda for Figma:

This plugin allows you to fill layouts with data from external services such as Wikipedia, Gmail, Dropbox, Jira, Github, and more.


This handy plugin will help you clean up your app’s interface. It takes all of the various elements on your dashboard or app and organizes them into a grid that you can then define yourself. It is great for organizing many buttons and/or icons that your design or system uses.

Table Paste:

Like the name sounds, this plugin can help you export data from an Excel spreadsheet to stylized tables that are created in Figma.

For example, you can create a row in Figma with a text field for each individual cell and then create a component from it. You then create a table from these rows and choose the rows that you want to apply your data to. All you have to do then is go to Excel, select the data, and copy it into your Figma table and the Excel table will be stylized for Figma!

Movie Posters:

Great for anyone who wants to create applications or websites for movies and TV shows. What it does is that it randomly fills vector objects with images or posters from movies or TV shows.


This plugin allows you to create GIF images within Figma. Install the plugin, select the images that you want to create your GIF with, set the relevant parameters such as interval, width, and height, and download the ready GIF file.

best figma plugins giffycanvas

BeatFlyer Lite:

This wonderful tool allows you to animate and add creative effects to your designs using only a few clicks.

Color Kit:

This handy plugin helps you generate shades of colors that meet your needs. It is especially useful for apps that want to have a tried and tested color grading scheme instead of something that looks like it looks good but does not meet established design aesthetics.

Wire Box:

Use this plugin to create UI mockups. It can also be used to convert HD mockups to low fidelity wireframes for whenever you want to concentrate on the user experience part of your project.

Vector Maps:

This plugin allows you to add vector maps of countries, regions, and cities to your Figma mockup.


This plugin will bring your designs to life by adding wonderful animations that are a pleasure to look at. You can add thousands of free Lottie animations (in GIF format or as SVG animation frame files).

Design Lint:

Use this plugin to ensure that your design files are all consistent. This plugin checks for discrepancies within your mockups, even small issues such as unmatching colors or fonts, different effects, and fills, strokes, or border-radii that do not match) and it corrects those inconsistencies.

best figma plugins design lint


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