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Data Science Tools


Tools required for Data Science:

1. MATLAB: a platform to process math information. Can be used to stimulate neural networks.

2. JUPYTER: Write live code, visualizations, and presentation. Supports python Julia and R.

3. NTLK: Natural language toolkit widely used for language processing comes with python

4. TENSORFLOW: Standard tool for ML. Use to build models easily using intuitive high-level APIs

5. EXCEL: most commonly used data analysis tool. Use it for Data Processing and complex calculation.

6. TABLEAU: Data visualization software. Connect to almost any database and create data viz.

7. APACHE SPARK: Most used data science tool Extremely powerful for large-scale data processing.

8. BIGML: simplifies machine learning and makes it easy for beginners. Build models in 3-4 clicks.

9. D3.js: Create interaction data visualizing. JS library for visulizng data with HTML, SVG, and CSS. 


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